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Standard of a Dowry for the daughter - Page 132

Standard of a Dowry for the daughter


28.   Saaib  RadiyAllaahu  'anhu narrates from 'Ali  RadiyAllaahu  'anhu that when RasuulUllaah  SallAllaahu  'alaihi  wasallam married him to Faatimah  RadiyAllaahu  'anha, she was seen-off with (a dowry of) a bed sheet, a leather pillow filled with date-bark, two grindstones, a leather water bag, and two large earthen pots. 'Ali RadiyAllaahu 'anhu one day said to Faatimah  RadiyAllaahu  'anha: I swear by Allah! Due to pulling of buckets from the well, I feel pain in my chest. Allah has sent some prisoners to your father, go and ask him for a servant. Faatimah  RadiyAllaahu  'anha said: My hands are also calloused due to turning the grindstone. At that, she went to Nabi  SallAllaahu  'alaihi  wasallam. He asked: Dear daughter, what brought you here? She said: "I have come to offer my Salaam". But due to her shyness, she could not ask him anything and returned. 'Ali RadiyAllaahu 'anhu asked her: What happened? She said: I felt shy to ask him. Then we went to Nabi SallAllaahu 'alaihi wasallam together. 'Ali RadiyAllaahu 'anhu said: O RasuulUllaah SallAllaahu 'alaihi wasallam! Due to drawing of water from the well I feel pain in my chest. Faatimah RadiyAllaahu 'anha said: Due to frequently turning the grindstone my hands are calloused, Allah has sent you slaves and granted some ease; please give us a servant. RasuulUllaah SallAllaahu 'alaihi wasallam said: I swear by Allah! I will not give you; the people of Suffah are suffering pangs of hunger, and I have nothing to spend on them. Therefore, I will sell these slaves and spend that money on the people of Suffah. So we returned. At night both of us were sleeping in a small blanket such that when our heads were covered, our legs were bare, and when our legs were covered, our heads used to be exposed. RasuulUllaah SallAllaahu 'alaihi wasallam came to us. Both of us started to get up hurriedly. He said: Remain at your place. You asked for a servant, should I not tell you something better than what you asked? We said: Do tell us. He said: Jibraiil Alaihis Salaam has taught me a few words. Both of you should say after every Salaat, ten times SubhaanAllaah (glory be to Allah Who is above all faults), ten times 'AlhamdulIllaah (All Praises be to Allah), and ten times Allaahuakbar (Allah is the Greatest). And when you lie down on your bed, then say 33 times SubhaanAllaah, 33 times  'AlhamdulIllaah and 33 times Allaahuakbar. 'Ali RadiyAllaahu  'anhu said: I swear by Allah! Ever since RasuulUllaah SallAllaahu 'alaihi wasallam taught me these words, I have never forgotten to say them. 

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